O General AC Service in Chennai

O General Air Conditioner

O General air conditioner is highly efficient and is equipped with the latest features. It has a robust build that makes it is one of the go-to brands for indoor cooling. Its premium quality service, affordable cost, and installation & maintenance features make it highly desirable among the customers.

Get O General AC Service at the Doorstep

As itโ€™s an electronic device, the air conditioning system requires periodic and regular servicing for a longer lifespan. The consistent and timely servicing of an air conditioner will increase its productivity and efficiency. We are a premium O General AC Service in Chennai offering comprehensive repair, cleaning, and maintenance service for all models and types of O General AC. Other services include AC installation, AC servicing, and many others.

About Cooling

There are several mechanical parts inside an air conditioner that helps in producing cold air. But the production of cold air is most important for an AC that needs cooling gas. That is why air conditioners need regular repairing and servicing. If youโ€™re looking for a reliable O General AC repair, just call us now. We will be at your doorstep within no time and will get your air conditioner repaired at the best competitive prices. There is impeccable gas feeling service given.

Some Common Problems in ACs

  1. Refrigerant leakage
  2. Frequent Compressor switch On & Off
  3. Building-up of ice in the cooling coil
  4. Arising of bad odor on switching of the AC
  5. Noise from the Indoor unit of AC
  6. Stopping of the Swing mechanism